Dickies donate coveralls to monkey sanctuary

High quality embroidered protective coveralls keep the monkey carers clean and safe

Dickies donate coveralls to monkey sanctuary
Volunteers and staff wear their new Dickies coveralls.

Dickies are donating over 30 embroidered coveralls for the volunteers and staff at Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary, in Cornwall.

Claire Turnbull, Primate Welfare Team at Wild Futures, said: “We rescue monkeys from conditions of abuse and neglect and give them a safe home for life with large spacious enclosures, monkey companionship and specialist care.

“As you can imagine, 38 monkeys make a whole lot of mess, so there is much cleaning taking place every day.

“Of course, safe practice dictates that we must wear personal protective equipment when cleaning out the monkeys and it is also great to see our staff and volunteers looking smart and proudly displaying the Dickies coveralls to the 30,000 visitors that we attract each year.”

Click ‘More Details’ below for further information about Dickies workwear and to view the 2015 workwear catalogue.

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