DPF diagnostic tool solves DPF problem job

DPF servicing and resetting can only be completed via diagnostics, expert explains

DPF diagnostic tool solves DPF problem job
Problem job: Vauxhall Zafira illuminated DPF warning light.

Technical Advisor, Stuart Still of European Exhaust and Catalyst (EEC) recently came across a Vauxhall Zafira suffering with heavy exhaust smoke, an illuminated DPF warning light and regular instances of limp mode.

The DPF had been replaced after the swirl flaps had collapsed and caused damage to the inlet manifold.

These were replaced, the EGR valve had been cleaned, the ECU reset and a forced regeneration was completed.

A week after this work had been carried out, the vehicle returned to the garage in limp mode and the fault was diagnosed as a problematic DPF.

Visiting the garage to offer technical advice, Stuart said that the vehicle technician’s diagnostic tool had reported DPF full and saw that the exhaust was constantly emitting smoke.

Turbo boost fault

Tackling the problem, Stuart said: “I started the engine and brought the temperature up to 70ºC and then connected my EEC DPF diagnostic tool which reported a turbo boost problem.

“Paul’s diagnosis was that this was due to the blocked DPF.

“During the time that the engine was running there was a constant flow of blue smoke coming from the exhaust tail pipe, which Paul also insisted was due to the blocked DPF.

“I explained that the blue smoke was burning oil due to an engine problem.

“Blue smoke is caused by the engine lubricating oil burning.”

Burning oil
DPF diagnostic tool.

DPF diagnostic tool.

Oil can enter the combustion chamber through worn valve guides or seals, cylinder and piston ring wear, cylinder glaze, sticking piston rings or from the incorrect grade of engine oil and fuel dilution of the oil.

Stuart explained that if the fault is not found and rectified immediately the DPF’s monolith will become coated with oil, making it inoperable.

Pointing to a large black oily deposit on the ground directly beneath the exhaust tail pipe, the vehicle technician eventually concluded that the problem was not the DPF.

For more information about EEC or for details about the EEC DPF diagnostic tool call 023 9224 5300 or click ‘more details’ below.

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