Essential maintenance and care tips for catalytic converters

Bosal offers the 'do's and dont's' when it comes to cats

Essential maintenance and care tips for catalytic converters

According to Bosal Automotive & Industrial Components, a supplier of complete exhaust systems, at least 150,000 people put the wrong fuel into their vehicles each year.

To prevent damage Bosal are also reminding vehicle owners to use the correct oil for the vehicle and ensure the vehicle is regularly serviced to the manufacturers’ specifications.

Bosal said: “Make sure the engine is running correctly.

“The cat will not convert if the engine is inadequately tuned.

“Poor engine maintenance can cause the monolith to break down, melt or become covered in soot.”

Driving style

Garages are advised to remind customers about driving carefully over speed humps.

Bosal explained: “The exhaust system can easily be grounded, which could then cause impact damage to the cat.

“This can cause cracks in the ceramic monolith which will end up in the cat brick breaking apart.”

Drivers should also avoid parking over long grass as the temperature from the catalytic converter can start a fire.

Overloaded trailers can push the vehicle along when travelling downhill, sending unburnt fuel into the exhaust system and causing the monolith to overheat and melt.

Bump starting and towing the vehicle can also cause the monolith to overheat and melt.

When it comes to fuel additives, Bosal say you should always read the instructions and find out if it is compatible with a catalytic converter.

Bosal add: “Avoid applying exhaust paste in front of a catalyst when fitting.

“Exhaust paste can break off in chunks and damage the monolith when it hardens.

“Paste dust can also block the monolith. Exhaust paste also contains silicone which will poison the cat.

All Bosal products are type approved in accordance with the European directive for replacement silencing systems 70/157.

For further information about Bosal Exhausts, click ‘more details’ below.

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