Factors and independents get unique insight on REMSA brake factory visit

UK motor factors and garages visit REMSA, manufacturer of Brake Friction Components for Apec braking

Factors and independents get unique insight on REMSA brake factory visit
REMSA produces 20 million sets of brake pads a year.

Apec brake components are manufactured to match OE quality and are marketed for the aftermarket.

The Bristol-based braking supplier has more than 300 delivery points throughout the UK.

During the trip, guests were treated to a rare ‘behind-the-scenes’ glimpse at two REMSA factories in Spain, covering everything from research and development to production.

Unique opportunity

Andrew Tsang, Sales Manager at Apec, told GW: “It’s given attendees an insight into how passionate REMSA are about manufacturing and how the brake pad is actually manufactured from start to finish.

“It gives them confidence and allows our customers to speak with authority when they actually sell these parts to their customers.”

James Davies, general manager at Autolec in Eastbourne, represented one of the motor factors taking part in the facility tour and told GW that Autolec has been supplying Apec for just a over a year.

He said: “We used to supply another brand but since we started stocking Apec, we’re selling loads of brakes now.

“The product range, the depth and the breadth is really good against what we used to stock.”

James explained that Apec’s two-year warranty helped the parts to sell themselves, “it backs up the quality of what we’re selling to the guys that fit them. They can fit with confidence.”

OE matched performance, comfort and safety

Apec boasts OE matching levels of performance, comfort and safety at an affordable price for vehicle owners.

This quality is essential for Tizz Burdfield of Auto Team Mechanics in Horsham.

He told GW: “Apec is a brand that I’m confident in, these products work without any problems.

“I don’t want a customer’s car to come back again, it’s more time and money that we haven’t got and business is just too tight to have come-backs.”

Also taking part in the facility visit, Andrew Pirt, owner of Station View Garage in Dorking explained how the trip has given him a deeper understanding about the quality of Apec parts.


He said: “This is why we don’t tend to fit inferior products, it’s those that give the issues like brake squeal and brake judder.

“Part of our job is to educate about quality and when you’re working in a small town, it’s your reputation that’s at stake.”

Apec supply point of sale material for fitters detailing the technical aspects behind Apec products including the manufacturing processes and testing.

Konstantin Vikulov, Director of Engineering at REMSA, told GW: “Some garages may have a limited knowledge about all of the testing and engineering which is behind [the manufacturing] but it’s the information supplied by the brand name that helps garages to sell these products.”

Joining those on the trip was Garage Wire’s Mike Ruff who will be reporting on the extensive research, testing and development behind Apec pads in the next issue of GW Views.

To find out more about Apec, follow the ‘More Details’ link below.

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