Far eastern VMs top list of car reliability ratings

Japanese and Korean cars are more dependable than their European or U.S. rivals, data reveals

Far eastern VMs top list of car reliability ratings
Toyota has been ranked as the top brand for dependability.

The Warrantywise UK dependability table has revealed which vehicle brands are likely to see owners visiting the garage more often, and who will have to spend the most (and least) to put their cars right.

Each car manufacturer has been ranked by a dependability factor, based on the number of reported faults or breakdowns, with a score of 75 representing the UK average.

A rating above 75 is considered good, and below 60 signifies a high incidence of repair work is required.

Average costs, vehicle age and model are also considered in the Warrantywise ranking, with the average age for this table being 6.29 years.

Repair bills

Warrantywise CEO, Lawrence Whittaker, said: “There are some obvious trends, such as the more exotic you go, the higher the repair bills will be, but there are notable exceptions lower down the price scale, with some of the more mainstream brands showing rather costly repair bills.

“Unsurprisingly, the Japanese carmakers top the chart, with the more exotic European brands – and sadly some British makers as well – nestling at the bottom.”

Toyota came out on top for dependability, while UK top-sellers Ford and Vauxhall ranked eighth and 17th respectively.

Premium brands

The table also shows that big spend and premium brand motoring doesn’t always guarantee a hassle-free ownership experience, with Bentley, Jaguar and Porsche all scoring below 60 in the dependability ratings.

Warrantywise say the average repair cost in the UK is £639, with the lowest average bills from Smart and MG.

Makers such as Peugeot and Ford also produce models that are among the cheapest to repair.

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