Federal-Mogul Motorparts releases glow plug technical brochure

Ignition specialist offers support on glow plugs and highlights common failures and cures in new document

Federal-Mogul Motorparts releases glow plug technical brochure
The new brochure offers technicians an illustrated guide to common glow plug failures and suggests appropriate solutions.

Federal-Mogul Motorparts, a division of Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: FDML), has released a technical brochure on glow plugs from its ignition brand, BERU®.

The brochure explains how glow plugs work, the different types of glow plugs available and offers various workshop tips for these ignition components.

In one section, the document details the common reasons why glow plugs fail and suggests possible cures.

For example, often when a glow plug stops working, folds or dents can be seen on the failed heating rod.

Federal-Mogul advises that the cause of this issue can be down to a faulty relay that supplies the glow plug with power for too long and can be corrected by checking the preheating system and replacing the glow time relay.

Jonathan Allen, Regional Marketing Manager of Federal-Mogul Motorparts, said: ““As ignition systems become ever more complex it can be increasingly difficult to identify the true cause of an issue.

“The brochure helps workshops investigate and diagnose what caused the failure and suggests an appropriate cause of action.”

Download the glow plug technical brochure from BERU, along with other ignition component information documents by selecting ‘More Details’ below.

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