Garages charge women more than men, survey finds

Study reveals ‘shocking prejudice in pricing for women’

Garages charge women more than men, survey finds

Women are charged on average five percent more than men for car maintenance, in what is being dubbed ‘pink pricing prejudice’.

This is according to a new study which used a combination of methods, including mystery shopping and a YouGov survey of 4,000 men and women.

The team working for the car management app, Caura, contacted 100 garages to request quotes for an MOT and/or service under the aliases ‘Emma’ and ‘Edward’. The requests were based on the same vehicle.

Out of the 100 garages contacted, 70 responded to both calls, revealing a gender disparity in the quotes provided.

For a service, ’Edward’ was quoted £229 on average, while ’Emma’ quoted £241 – a five percent increase.

One garage gave ‘Emma’ a quote of £475 – nearly three times more than ‘Edward’, who was quoted £130 for additional work.

Similarly, for an annual MOT quote, ’Edward’ was quoted £48 on average, while ’Emma’ received average quotes of £49.

Janice Pang, head of vehicle maintenance at Caura, said: ”Cars don’t judge their drivers whether they’re male or female, so why should garages?

”A one percent increase in price [when looking at male versus female] in either gender swing is wrong, but when our research shows a five per cent increase [on average] on like-for-like pricing, we were shocked by prejudice in pricing for women.”

Fieldwork was undertaken in August 2023 and the survey was carried out online.


  1. Why do these parasites constantly attack the motor trade, What an utter load on nonsense!

  2. Bullshit! survey of 4000 people so what.
    Take it your car management app doesn’t have the take up you
    Wanted so come up with this crap instead


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