Heatwave sees air-con work soar by 336 per cent

Demand for air-conditioning work increased tenfold in just three days

Heatwave sees air-con work soar by 336 per cent
Motorists were keen to fix air con faults last week as the mercury rose.

Comparison website, WhoCanFixMyCar has reported record-breaking figures as temperatures soared last week, with simple air-conditioning regas work out numbering other air-conditioning work by almost 7:1.

In just seven days, the website broke records with more than 2,600 jobs posted, generating £900K of work.

WhoCanFixMyCar said: “It’s also worth noting that there is a ‘memory effect’ here – even though the hottest days are behind us, air-conditioning demand continues to track ahead of the pre-heatwave level.”

Requests to fix broken electric windows, radiator repairs and window tinting were also up.

WhoCanFixMyCar added: “While we saw a clear spike in air-conditioning re-gas work last week, the truth is that there is a fascinating seasonal variation in demand for air-conditioning, convertible roof and electric window work.

“In fact, heatwave aside, the demand for this ‘summer’ swathe of work leapt up in April and had been pretty steady until last week’s record temperatures.”

May and June saw more requests for convertible repairs than for exhaust repairs, alternator repairs or wheel bearing issues.

The comparison website advises garages to be ready for ‘summer work’ and says it’s commission for these jobs are low, with any up-sell or future work free from further commission payment.

To find out more about WhoCanFixMyCar and to register your garage, click ‘More Details’ below.

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