IAAF unveils 2015 conference details

How to survive and thrive, now and in the future: book your place now

IAAF unveils 2015 conference details
IAAF conference 2014.

This year’s IAAF conference, ‘How to survive and thrive – now and in the future’, is due to take place on December 17 at the ICC in Birmingham.

It will examine current issues from both the UK and Europe, highlight the key changes from both a technical and a market perspective and consider what opportunities there are for the future.

Confirmed speakers include Dr. Ben Wood, International Institute for Product and Service Innovation WMG at University of Warwick; FIGIEFA’s Neil Pattemore, eXponentia’s Steve Carter, FleetCheck’s Peter Golding, Quentin Le Hetet of GiPA and Peter Seagrott of Factor Sales.

The conference will include developments on the connected car and will include a talk on 3D printing, billed as the ‘future of manufacturing’, and will ask how far away is the 3D printed car, along with all its components.

Conference delegates will hear from an industry leading expert, Dr. Ben Wood who will offer a pragmatic view on this question with reference to the automotive industry, and the potential impact that 3D printing might have on the automotive parts manufacturing industry in future.

Wendy Williamson, IAAF chief executive, said: “The technology of vehicles for which independents provide parts and service for are not just evolving, but changing radically in terms of motive power, transmission, security and even driver involvement.

“The market players are changing their approaches and some of the technology is favouring our competitors, but the customer remains the same – or is the customer also changing? 

“Can the Independent Aftermarket cope with this pace of change? The IAAF conference will again tackle the main issues and offer fresh perspectives.”

Leading British sports presenter, John Inverdale will be the guest host and compère at the IAAF annual awards dinner and conference on 17 December 2015.

Tickets can be secured by calling the IAAF on 0121 748 4600, members and guests are urged to book now to avoid disappointment.

For more information about the IAAF, follow the ‘More Details’ link below.

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