IMI raises consumer awareness of ‘professional register’

Motorists to be made aware of the level of trust they can place in IMI accredited professionals

IMI raises consumer awareness of ‘professional register’
The IMI Professional Register lists individuals such as car mechanics, vehicle technicians and sales representatives in the automotive industry who have been recognised for their experience.

The campaign will use a wide range of content to promote the IMI Professional Register and raise consumer awareness.

Content will be adapted to digitally engaging formats, such as infographics, downloadable guides, case studies and videos; that will then be promoted using email marketing, search marketing, social media, blogs and partner marketing channels.

The IMI professional register lists professionals that have been recognised by the IMI for their experience, professional development and ethical working practices, providing the general public with an authoritative source to find competent and trustworthy professionals.

Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI, said: “Research shows that over 89 per cent of motorists prefer to deal with an accredited professional.

“Yet too many consumers are unaware that our professional register can help them select skilled professionals within the industry.”

Cyber-Duck was selected to strategically plan and execute the campaign to amplify the IMI professional register’s brand among consumers.

Danny Bluestone, CEO of Cyber-Duck, said: “The IMI professional register is a great resource, helping consumers re-gain confidence in an industry thwart with mistrust.

“Better still, in attracting more consumers the register will also provide more business for the trustworthy professionals listed in the register.”

To find our more about the IMI, follow the ‘more details’ link below.

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