Liqui Moly announces new managing director

Debbie Barnes to be made responsible for the operational management in Great Britain

Liqui Moly announces new managing director

The leadership duo of Liqui Moly UK becomes a trio, as Debbie Barnes is promoted to managing director of the subsidiary.

The position involves the responsibility for national operations.

Barnes intends to continue the successful development of the lubricant company in the United Kingdom.

She has now been part of the Liqui Moly team for seven years and was most recently Regional Sales Manager and National Key Account Manager at Liqui Moly UK.

In her new position as Managing Director, she is now responsible for the operational business of the Liqui Moly subsidiary.

She strengthens the management team, which has included Dr. Uli Weller, Managing Director of the parent company, and Salvatore Coniglio, Liqui Moly Export Director, since the company was founded.

As Managing Director of Liqui Moly UK Ltd, which is one of eight foreign affiliates, Debbie Barnes is fully on course for growth.

Barnes said: “We shall continue to grow in sales and also in terms of headcount. In keeping with the Liqui Moly philosophy, we rely on personal support for all customers, which is why we are continuing to expand our team.

“A wonderful challenge. Together, we will maintain the successful course of the Liqui Moly brand in Great Britain and extend our portfolio of products and services.

“I would like to thank everyone for the trust they have placed in me.”

Dr. Weller, Managing Director in Germany, said: “She has done an excellent job for the team in all her roles and has driven the UK business forward.

“Debbie Barnes has extensive knowledge of the UK aftermarket, is very well connected and knows exactly what the market and customers need.”

Debbie Barnes will take over the operational tasks in the UK from Tim Keller, who was previously responsible for the UK subsidiary as Export Area Manager of the German parent company.

In the future, he will look after various countries in South America, in addition to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and thus return to his roots.

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