MAHLE demonstrates ‘system first’ approach with oil filter module 206

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MAHLE demonstrates ‘system first’ approach with oil filter module 206
MAHLE OF 206 module.

A great example of the MAHLE’s ‘systems first’ approach comes with the oil filter module – OF 206 – that is annually installed in 1.25 million VW TDI engines, in such popular models as the Passat, Golf, Octavia, Superb and Leon, as well as several of its light commercial vehicle offerings.

The unit comprises of an integrated oil/water heat exchanger, which doesn’t require plumbing into the coolant circuit via traditional hoses, but is designed to connect via its base plate.

This is secured onto the filter housing with four self-tapping screws – an innovative approach for filter design, that is more efficient and saves weight – that despite the high pressure loads in the system, provides the strength and reliability the unit demands.

In addition, the screw threads are robust enough to ensure that it can be dismantled and re-tightened easily when the oil cooler is replaced in line with the vehicle manufacturers service instructions.

The housing itself is manufactured from glass fibre reinforced polyamide and designed to avoid pressure loss and minimise friction loss and swirl.

It is also heat resistant, shock proof and impact resistant and can be completely incinerated at the end of its life, so is kinder on the environment than traditional metal housings.

Its built-in bypass valve, which consists of an O-ring, compression spring and piston, ensures a reliable lubrication supply, even during cold starts.

The filter element is the heart of the module and comprises an inner tube and end plates made of polyamide and long-life filter paper, which provides the highest levels of separation and optimum filter performance over its service life.

The filter cover incorporates an easy-to-remove and install, downward facing oil drain screw to allow technicians to carry out a quick and efficient oil and filter change, with the minimum oil spillage.

Product specification
  • Reference: Oil filter module OF 206
  • Operating temperature: -35 to +150C
  • Oil throughput: up to 50 litres per minute
  • Coolant throughput: up to 20 litres per minute
  • Pressure peak: up to 16 bar
  • Burst pressure: greater than 20 bar
  • Maintenance interval: 18,000 miles or two years
  • Replacement filter element (including O-ring): MAHLE Original/Knecht Filter OX388D or OX787D depending on engine code.
New-To-Range additions
  • Inline fuel filter KL871 for Seat Alhambra 1.4/VW Sharan 1.4/2.0 petrol engines.
  • Fuel filter element KX341 for Porsche Cayenne 3.0/4.1/VW Toureg 3.0 diesel engines.
  • Cabin filter element LA932/S for Nissan Maxima/QX 3.0/Patrol 3.0 diesel engines.

For more information about the quality products available from MAHLE Aftermarket, call 0845 688 5007 or visit the MAHLE website by following the ‘More Details’ link below.

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