Mechanic avoids driving ban because of job

Ban would have impacted business and family, court finds

Mechanic avoids driving ban because of job
Image: Bigstock.

A self-employed mechanic has avoided a driving ban because of his job, despite using a mobile while driving.

Shaun Jones was driving a Volkswagen Crafter while using a mobile on July 5 of last year in Bradford.

After getting his driving record endorsed with six points, Jones was excused a totting disqualification due to his mitigating circumstances.

Court documents say a ban would have had an impact on his immediate family and his business.

Jones was fined £115 and had to pay £110 in court costs and a £46 victim surcharge.

He has until March 6 to pay the £271 balance.

Jones pleaded guilty to the offence at Bradford and Keighley Magistrates Court on February 3.

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