Mechanic’s drink driving mistake jeopardises Australian dream job

He now faces driving ban and uncertain future

Mechanic’s drink driving mistake jeopardises Australian dream job
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A Bacup mechanic’s dream of a new life in Australia is at risk after he was caught drink driving. Bradley Kelly, 24, pleaded guilty to the offence at Blackburn Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard Kelly was due to fly to Australia for a new job in a few weeks. He spent two days in custody before his hearing, which his lawyer described as an “absolute nightmare” for him and his family.

Despite his plea of mitigation and lack of previous convictions, Kelly received a driving ban for 18 months and a conditional discharge reflecting his time in custody. He was also ordered to pay court costs.

“He hopes he can still go to Australia even with this conviction,” said Kelly’s lawyer, Leigh Morgan. “Two days in custody have given him time to reflect and he doesn’t want to appear in court again.”

Kelly’s case serves as a stark reminder of the serious consequences of drink driving, not just for safety but also for future opportunities.

Source: Lancashire Telegraph


  1. 2 days in custody, there is more to this than drink driving…. I have no sympathy for drink drivers

  2. How do you make a ‘mistake’ by drinking and driving ?. Yo don’t get two days in custody for that. He jeopardises his own future. I’m glad none of my family were on the road at the same time as this guy. There’s more to this story.

  3. I don’t understand the 2 days in custody thing… you don’t get that for such motoring offences. There’s more to this. Anyway, basically, he shouldn’t have done it. Hard lesson learnt if it scuppers his emigration plans.

  4. As Captain Mainwaring would say Stupid Boy


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