DVSA celebrates 2022 MOT changes

Updated MOT manuals, improved digital services and highest number of testers completing annual assessment on time

DVSA celebrates 2022 MOT changes
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The DVSA has reflected on “changes and improvements” that it made to the MOT in the past 12 months.

The beginning of 2022 saw a new status page for MOT digital services, including MTS and MOT reminders.

The new page shows real-time information for the services and whether any of them are not operational due to maintenance work or incidents.

A review of the AEDM role came in march to make it more clear what the AEDM is responsible for.

In April, the DVSA celebrated the highest number of MOT testers completing their annual training and assessment – more than 97 per cent completed it before the deadline.

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Improvements were made to the MTS to allow AEs to check whether their testers had completed their assessment.

During the same month, the DVSA also introduced basic disclosure checks for some MOT testers, including all newly qualified MOT testers.

A basic disclosure certificate, also known as a DBS check, needs to be provided before a demonstration test can be carried out.

It also introduced new offsite reviews and carried out research with MOT garages on connected equipment.

In September, the DVSA introduced an improved and easier way to book MOT demonstration tests online.

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The agency launched a new campaign in October to tell motorists about new features added to MOT reminders and MOT history services.

It’s now easier for motorists to view and amend their MOT reminders as well as access and print their MOT certificates.

A DVSA spokesperson said: “We couldn’t have made these changes without your help and support, so thank you from everyone at DVSA.

“We look forward to building on this work in the new year.”

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