Over half of drivers don’t understand dashboard symbols, survey finds

One in four don't know how to open car bonnet and 62 per cent don't know what warning lights or sounds mean

Over half of drivers don’t understand dashboard symbols, survey finds
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More than half of UK drivers have admitted that they don’t know what many of the buttons, switches and symbols on their car mean or what they do.

When asked about button functions, some 53 per cent of people said they were confused, and more than one in ten were clueless about almost all aspects of them , the survey of 2,000 drivers commissioned by WeBuyAnyCar has found.

Driving around with an incorrect car clock was an issue shared by 24 per cent of those surveyed, while 22 per cent said they regularly turn on their windscreen wipers when trying to indicate.

One in four said they do not know how to open their car bonnet and 62 per cent said they don’t know what warning lights or sounds mean.

Richard Evans, head of technical services at WeBuyAnyCar, said: “With the rise of high-tech cars and electric vehicles, and the more complex functionality that comes with them, it’s not a huge surprise to see that so many of us are daunted by all the different functions and modes available to us now.

“Fortunately, it’s much simpler to sell your car quickly through WeBuyAnyCar so you have plenty more time on your hands to get to grips with your new car when you’re ready to upgrade.”

The survey also revealed that 14 per cent have driven up to a petrol pump only to forget which side their car’s fuel cap is on – 29 per cent had no idea that the arrow on their petrol gauge tells them.

Newer, high-tech cars intimidated nearly 70 per cent of respondents, and although 37 per cent say they still attempt to learn its gadgets even though they know they cant, 16 per cent said they don’t even try.


  1. Why should they most don’t know where the bonnet catch is to check oil washer fluid or check tyre pressure OR reset the TPMS

  2. No goldern wonder nobody can open a bonnet, the silly places the pull is located and the safety catch. Always get one a year that wont close again etc etc


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