New gasket sealing technology from Federal-Mogul

New technologies improve performance and are environmentally friendly

New gasket sealing technology from Federal-Mogul
PAYEN Coriuseal improves temperature and abrasion resistance increasing productivity and lifetime.

Under its PAYEN brand, the new high-performing gasket sealing technologies Coriusea and Coriusim deliver syperior sealing and longer life.

Coriuseal features a high performance elastomer which improves temperature and abrasion resistance, delivering a superior sealing solution and increasing seal productivity and life.

It improves gasket protection from thermal motion between the head and the block of the engine through its PTFE Teflon coating.

The PTFE coating also enhances the anti-friction properties of Coriuseal helping to reduce gasket fretting, creating a more reliable, longer lasting product.

The new technology also offers you a high performing, durable gasket that is easy for technicians to remove and assemble.

PAYEN’s new Coriusim technology helps minimise bore distortion in order to reduce oil consumption and optimise piston ring performance.

Its design specification, which does not include any organic solvents, positions Coriusim to supersede Astadur technology for OE/OES parts.

Alexis Goslin, business director for Federal-Mogul Motorsports, said: “This new range of green gaskets helps to achieve a perfect seal and also delivers excellent performance from initial fitment.”

To find out more about the gasket sets, select ‘more details’ below.

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