New to range Bosch products

The latest innovations and technologies

New to range Bosch products

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New to range products, the latest Bosch innovations and technologies like Bosch SDA.

Many vehicle manufacturers now restrict diagnostic access to their electronics and systems, meaning that everyday maintenance tasks, calibrations and even service resets are only possible with a dealer tool, posing a significant challenge to independent workshops and technicians.

Bosch have the solution: SDA (Secure Diagnostic Access) provides access to vehicle manufacturer-protected systems, via a one-time registration. 

  • One combined hardware & software solution – no need for multiple tools, logins and different payment concepts
  • One single login and registration for all participating manufacturers
  • SDA already included in Bosch ESI[tronic] Evolution software

With over 20 brands covered (and increasing) and included at no additional cost, SDA is the key!

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