Over to you: training will boost your profitability, reader explains

Confidence to fix faults and talk to customers is the key to success according to Mark and Elaine

Over to you: training will boost your profitability, reader explains
As a Bosch Car Service garage, the majority of training courses attended by Tisbury Motors staff are organised through the Bosch programme.

In an industry that’s moving at a pace faster than ever before, consumers have a right to know that they are dealing with professionals, capable of fixing their increasingly technologically advanced vehicles.

It’s one thing having the equipment but you need the latest know-how to be successful.

“There are garages that will only ever go by what the computer says”, explains Elaine of Tisbury Motors.

“If it says the vehicle needs a new cam sensor, they’ll fit a new one but will likely find that hasn’t fixed the fault at all.

“That’s when we usually get the car.

“We’ll check what the computer says, carry out live data analysis and we’ll look at the wiring as well as the sensor itself.

“You need to check the electrical flow, ensure the signal is getting through and that the cam sensor is communicating with the ECU.”

Elaine insists that regular staff training will save customers money and technicians aggravation.

Of course, false readings can send you off in the wrong direction but here, once again, is where the know-how will get you through…

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