Pichler Tools offers ‘doorstep demos’ for technicians

Demonstrator vans to show specialist automotive problem-solving tools

Pichler Tools offers ‘doorstep demos’ for technicians
Inside one of the new Pichler Tools demonstrator vans.

The new fleet of vans, fitted with demonstrator tools and the required vehicle components, are now available for garages to book, enabling technicians to engage with Pichler’s pioneering product range in an interactive environment.

Steve Prince, managing director of Pichler Tools Ltd said: “Once technicians can see the products in a ‘mock-up’ garage environment, our innovative repair solutions, with their cost and labour saving benefits, tend to sell themselves.

“So far the response from technicians has confirmed what we already know about our product range: that there really is very little else out there that achieves the same results whilst also minimising the risk to the customer’s vehicle.”

To book a Pichler Tools demonstration, select ‘more details’ or call 01335 360759.

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