Pico Technology upgrades NVH diagnostics kit

New level of functionality and ease of use for diagnosis of noise, vibration and harshness issues

Pico Technology upgrades NVH diagnostics kit
Upgraded system for diagnosis of noise, vibration and harshness concerns with the new PicoScope NVH diagnostics kit.

The award-winning system provides technicians worldwide with the tools to tackle troublesome vehicle noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) problems that are significant reasons for customer dissatisfaction.

The updated kit provides a more accurate analysis of vehicle NVH problems, supports multiple sensors and adds a host of technician-friendly features.

Using the display of a laptop computer, this system combines fast capture and analysis of vehicle data with a clear easy-to-read presentation of results and actions.image001

‘Enhanced system’

The enhanced system can analyse signals from multiple sensors, and can also store signals for comparison on later tests.

Three-axis accelerometers provide fore/aft, lateral, and vertical acceleration to be measured.

The ability to test all four corners simultaneously, test pulley and driven systems, and improved audio testing for areas such as suspension increase versatility.

The NVH kit also supports propshaft balancing, with optional accessories.

image003The Pico NVH system provides guided balancing for technicians which performs all the calculations in the background and presents a set of clear, simple instructions to the operator.

Imbalance can be detected using optical and three-point balancing, both single and two plane.

Guided correction of that imbalance supports pinion flange, single weight, and hose clamp methods.


The kit also works with PicoScope – the world’s most popular automotive oscilloscope.

This has been engineered to improve efficiency within the workshop by allowing a technician to directly check sensors, actuators, systems and wiring.

With special functions to help in capturing and diagnosing intermittent and performance problems, PicoScope allows you to do much more than just test wiring, components, noise and vibrations.

To find out more about Pico Technology, select ‘more details’ below.

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