Porsche dealers accused of ‘manipulating the market’

Enthusiast turns to Auto Express after they had been denied a new Porsche Cayman GT4

Porsche dealers accused of ‘manipulating the market’
Porsche GB has denied any wrong doing despite complaints that nearly new models are being offered at tens of thousands of pounds over list price.

Porsche dealerships are being accused of manipulating the market when it comes to limited run models.

Paul Nicola of Wimborne in Dorset contacted Auto Express after he was unable to buy certain Porsche models from new, only to be offered nearly new models at tens of thousands of pounds over list price by Porsche dealers.

He said: “Over the past five years I have contacted my local Porsche dealer on numerous occasions in the hope of getting a GT3, GT3 RS a Cayman GT4 and more recently a 911 R.

“My requests were mostly ignored, sometimes laughed at, and they always said that these cars were in very short supply and were only sold to very ‘loyal’ Porsche customers.”

Just weeks after the Cayman GT4 was launched with a list price of £64,451, Mr Nicola was contacted by a dealer offering him a GT4 that he had in stock and was fitted with a few extras for £103,000.

Porsche dealers across the country had 16 Cayman GT4s advertised on Porsche’s Approved Used website, with prices ranging from £94,981 to £109,990.

A Porsche GB spokesperson has said that demand has outstripped supply and denied any wrong doing by dealers.

He said: “The market decides on value and Porsche dealers will look outside of the network when they decide what to price a used car at.”

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