Research reveals ‘shocking’ MOT knowledge gap

Many drivers are unaware that the annual test is a legal requirement

Research reveals ‘shocking’ MOT knowledge gap
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More than a third (38 percent) of motorists are unaware that the MOT is a legal requirement and cars must be tested every year.

This is according to new research, which also found that 19 percent think an MOT test is dependent on mileage, while 16 percent believe an MOT was required every two to four years.

Limvirak Chea, co-founder and CEO of Fixter, the company behind the research, said: Given how many in the UK rely on their car for daily trips, it’s shocking to see such a huge knowledge gap when it comes to keeping vehicles road safe.

“What’s clear from our findings is that drivers need to be educated on the importance of MOTs and servicing, regardless of how many years they’ve been on the road.”


  1. When was last time you heard of anyone being prosecuted and fined for having no current MOT? It’s effectively become optional!

  2. We have a theory test for new drivers. Stuff like this is hardly mentioned so is it any wonder that people do not know? The theory test is not fit for purpose. As a driving instructor I have known people pass the theory test without ever opening the Highway Code. One student had never even heard of it.

    They get through by word association. What is the traditional British breakfast? Bacon and eggs. Correct. Congratulations.

    Quick question. What does an egg look like? Dunno. Still passed though, so who cares?

    The theory side of driving is a subject of sufficient size and complexity to warrant a proper college course of evening classes with a real exam at the end.


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