Researchers score independents best on price and fast repairs

Dealers shunned by motorists for expensive bills and longer waiting times

Researchers score independents best on price and fast repairs
The survey results for independent garages show a positive performance in the market share.

The independent sector has come out on top in an analysis of the UK aftermarket, with 82 per cent of respondents giving positive recommendations about an independent garage.

The GiPA UK annual ATO survey for 2015 shows that motorists are less willing to recommend fast-fits, franchised dealers and autocentres.

Dealers saw the highest proportion of unsatisfied customers, with 5 per cent giving negative recommendations about their experience.

Independents came out well with ‘flexible hours’, ‘quick repairs’ and proximity to home, although they were rated below average for ‘promotions’ by non-clients.

Motorists favour independents

Jack Bergquist, GiPA UK general manager, told GW that the latest results follow a trend that has seen motorists favour independent garages.

GiPABergguist said: “Independent Motor Traders have consistently scored above average in terms of consumer perception in all areas apart from promotions where they have always seen a lower score.

“However, this has still been above average for customers in every year since 2013, but below average for non-clients.”

The index score for ‘cheap price’, calculated by customers of the independent motor trade is 92 per cent above average and customers of franchised dealers appear to be aware that they are not the cheapest channel.

The findings reflect the results of Trend Tracker’s latest consumer survey, which asks motorists where they last had their car serviced.

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