Scottish garage mourns loss of much-loved mouse

Mechanics have created a gravestone using a Ford Mondeo brake disc

Scottish garage mourns loss of much-loved mouse
Library image (not Dave)

Mechanics at a garage in the Scottish West Highlands are coming to terms with the loss of ‘Dave’ the mouse.

West Coast Today reports on how ‘Dave’ would join the team at Gunn’s Garage in the village of Appin whenever it was time to eat. This continued for three or four years until 6 March when he was found dead on the path.

Mechanic Michael Cameron said: “He would cheer you up. He knew it was teatime: he would hear the microwave. We left dishes out. It was like a Hoover had been: there would not be a crumb left.“

“He was like family. He was as tough as old boots. He had a chunk bit out of his neck. Something got him – a cat or a big bird. But he survived.”

Fellow mechanic Duncan Gunn created a coffin made using the packaging of a tube of silicone. He said: “There was not a dry eye in the house. We were genuinely fond of him. He would play around by your feet. Sometimes he got into the biscuits, but we didn’t mind. He was a wee character.”

The mechanics have created a rockery in his memory, plus a headstone using a brake disc from a Ford Mondeo. It’s what he would have wanted, probably.

Even the Reverend Dugald Cameron paid tribute to ‘Dave’, telling West Coast Today: “I didn’t know ‘Dave’ personally. However, I know that the guys at the garage loved him deeply, and he them. I have been there for those feeling his loss. There was a brief gathering this morning (March 11) at Dave’s memorial brake disc.”

Source: West Coast Today

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  1. Don’t worry too much I’ve got plenty more mice/rats you can have with my compliments you could have a whole family if you wish


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