Sick note doesn’t save banned mechanic who drove wrong way on M1

Craig Wright failed to appear in court, claiming he was at his GP to get a sick note

Sick note doesn’t save banned mechanic who drove wrong way on M1

A Leeds mechanic already banned from driving, who drove the wrong way on the M1 to evade police, failed to appear in court claiming he was ill, but was then ordered to attend by the judge.

Wright, a qualified mechanic, had been spotted by police in the Woodlesford area driving a high-powered black Mercedes CLS 350, which was later found to be on false plates.

Wright initially failed to turn up for court, claiming he was ill and was at his GP surgery to get a sick note to excuse his attendance. However, Judge Simon Phillips KC stated that if Wright was well enough to travel to the doctor, he could make it to court. The judge warned him that a warrant would be put out for his arrest if he did not turn up.

Prosecutor Stephen Littlewood said officers saw the Mercedes around midnight on 3 April, and tried to pull it over. Wright accelerated and attempted to escape, reaching speeds of 90mph in built-up areas. He narrowly avoided parked cars, made dangerous reversing manoeuvres, straddled the white lines and even became “airborne” after travelling over a hump-back bridge at speed.

Police dash-cam footage was played to the court, but the police held back when Wright made his way onto the M1 heading north on the southbound carriageway, considering the pursuit to be too dangerous to continue. The vehicle was later found abandoned on the hard-shoulder but Wright was recognised by officers from the dash-cam footage and later arrested. He gave a no-comment interview.

Wright, of Fifth Avenue, Rothwell, later admitted dangerous driving, driving while banned and having no insurance. He has been convicted five times previously for dangerous driving and received several custodial sentences.

Source: Yorkshire Evening Post

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  1. Sounds like the sort of idiot who’ll never learn. Lock him up and chick away the key. Society is better off without him


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