Snake found in Ford Focus air intake

Reptile had been missing since December

Snake found in Ford Focus air intake

A technician undertaking a routine service on a Ford Focus “almost had a heart attack” after finding a snake in the vehicle’s air filter housing.

Curt Mcquade took the vehicle’s air filter out when he discovered the reptile.

The snake, believed to be a corn snake, was being kept as a pet in a property near to the owner of the car and has reportedly been missing since December.

Speaking to the Liverpool ECHO, Curt said: “My colleague found it and initially nearly had a heart attack as it’s not something you expect to find as a mechanic in this country, then me and my boss had to basically dismantle the front of the car to get it to a point that someone was able to grab it safely.

“On the plus side the owner came forward after seeing the post on Facebook, a girl around 14-15 years of age who had lost the snake in December last year so the snake had survived for just over seven months.

“The owner of the car lives on the same street as the girl so it hadn’t really moved far from her house ironically, so there is no telling how long that snake had been holed up in that car’s air intake.”

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