Forté technical tip: Use easy treatment fixes

Tackle leaks and common problems with gearboxes and power steering

Forté technical tip: Use easy treatment fixes

Forté is helping to fix common vehicle issues such as gearbox noise, power steering stiffness, and oil leaks with a range of specifically formulated vehicle care and maintenance treatments.

Here are some tips to help you resolve these issues:

1. Transmission Performance: Forté’s Automatic Transmission Treatment can help with smooth operation and extend the lifespan by cleaning and protecting the gears.

2. Differential and Gear Systems: Forté Diff and Gear Treatment can enhance performance and reduce noise by improving lubrication and reducing friction.

3. Power Steering Systems: Forté Power Steering Treatment can prevents leaks and conditions in power steering systems.

4. Engine Seals and Mechanical Systems: Forté Seal Conditioner can rejuvenate seals, preventing leaks and maintaining fluid levels for better performance.

Forté dives deeper into these products in their latest technical tip, describing how each one can help protect and care for your customers’ vehicles.

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