Technician hands over charity cheque after being pinned under car

Owners of McKenzies Garage present £2000 cheque to the Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance

Technician hands over charity cheque after being pinned under car
McKenzies Garage thanks lifesavers from the sky.

On August 29 last year, Dave McKenzie was working under a car when the vehicle’s weight shifted and the support collapsed, pinning him to the garage floor.

The freak accident broke 11 ribs and his pelvis, damaged his left eye, punctured both lungs and bruised his heart.

As his quick thinking staff dialled 999 and the Matlock Fire Service arrived to help free him from under the vehicle, Dave’s life hung in the balance.

That Dave is here now to hand over the cheque is testament to one emergency service that – incredibly – doesn’t receive a penny in support from government.

“The Air Ambulance got him to the Queen’s Medical Centre in just seven minutes from take-off,” explains Liz McKenzie.

“Although speed is a factor in our service, we also carry highly trained clinicians aboard our helicopters, allowing us to effectively bring the emergency department to the patient,” says Emily Magdij, a spokeswoman for the Air Ambulance Service.

That high level of care continued once Dave had been transferred from helicopter to hospital bed, with a standard of treatment that not only saved his life, but has also contributed to a remarkable recovery.

Liz added: “He is well on the way to being fully recovered, thanks to the amazing surgical team at the QMC and follow-up physiotherapy.”

The AutoCare network, of which McKenzies Garage is a member, was delighted to name the Air Ambulance Service as one of its chosen charities at this year’s annual AutoCare conference.

Dave and Liz, along with AutoCare network manager Maria McCullough, presented the first cheque from their fundraising efforts to the crew who helped save Dave’s life this week.

To find out more about AutoCare, including details on how to join the network, select ‘More Details’ below.

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