Top five most common towbar questions answered

Leading manufacturer and supplier of towbars responds with FAQs to give installers the necessary know-how

Top five most common towbar questions answered
Bosal Towbar seen fitted to a Volkswagen Tiguan.

Bosal Automotive & Industrial Components Ltd stock a wide range of towbars – flange, swan neck and detachable – as well as electric sets and accessories, cycle carriers and roofbars.

Q. I have a new towbar: do I need to remove the paint from the ball before I use it?

A. Yes, most hitches are fitted with friction pads; all paint and dirt must be removed from the ball to stop the friction pads inside your hitch becoming contaminated.

Q. My car has been in an accident; someone ran into the back of my car bending/damaging the neck. Is it possible to get a replacement?

A. No, unfortunately if your neck is damaged then it’s very likely that the structure of the towbar has been compromised.

As your towbar is a safety critical device, then we would recommend changing the complete bar.

Q. Can I fit the towbar myself?

A. Yes. You can fit the towbar yourself as long as you install the bar in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions provided with your bar.

You may prefer a specialist, such as an NTTA-approved installer, to carry out the complete installation including the complex wiring kit.

Or alternatively, you can find a local fitter on our website.

Q. My car has reversing sensors; what is the best type of bar to fit?

A. The best type of bar to fit would be a detachable system, as this cannot interfere with the parking sensors when removed.

Q. I am told that I can tow 85 per cent of my car’s kerb weight; surely I can tow up to 100 per cent? Also, how do I find out the towing limit for my car?

A. The 85 per cent figure is a recommendation, not a legal limit, given by all caravan clubs to give good power to weight ratio for successful towing.

You can legally tow up to the car manufacturer’s towing limit.

This may be in excess of 100 per cent but only if you passed your car driving test before January 1st 1997.

The towing limit can be found in the vehicle handbook and also on the chassis plate, usually found under the bonnet.

It’s important to remember that it is an offence to exceed the car’s towing limit, so one to bear in mind.

Follow the ‘more details’ link below for further information about Bosal towbars.

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