TRW shock absorbers ‘lead the market’ in automotive safety

TRW Aftermarket’s True Originals multimedia campaign

TRW shock absorbers ‘lead the market’ in automotive safety
True Original employee, Amélie Beauger works as TRW’s product controller for steering, suspension and shocks.

Ben Smart, marketing services manager, global parts and service, said: “By continuously writing new standards in safety, TRW offers a whole new way of thinking.

“Through the stories of the True Originals who work at TRW, we are telling the world why our people make the best parts on the market. Manufacturing the best parts requires experience, of which TRW has over 100 years’.”

In most markets, TRW differentiates itself from major competitors by offering twin packs in addition to single components; a move which is in direct response to test results which indicate stopping distances can be decreased by up to five percent when shocks are replaced in pairs.

The latest campaign features Amélie Beauger who works as TRW’s product controller for steering, suspension and shocks.

The material communicates the programme’s key messages of: most efficient range yet biggest market coverage, enhanced safety by being available in pairs and TRW’s innovative +3 technology which differentiates the offer from the competition.

In addition, participating members of the independent aftermarket loyalty programme for garages, Automotive Diamonds, can earn 10 times the number of diamonds or points on TRW shock absorber purchases for a limited time.

Comprising dynamic new films, press adverts and Point of Sale material, the campaign is set to generate a new wave of interest in the brand.

Find out more about TRW and watch the latest campaign film by clicking ‘More Details’ below.

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