Video: Crazy driver undertakes motorcyclist by mounting pavement

Shocking footage captures the moment a dangerous motorist risks lives in a horrifying manoeuvre

Video: Crazy driver undertakes motorcyclist by mounting pavement
The impatient driver mounts the pavement twice during the footage.

Software engineer Mike Binks, 50, from Stockport was riding his 110cc Honda Wave in a 20mph zone when this impatient Nissan Micra driver started following him.

The footage, which was captured on a rear mounted camera, shows the speeding car indicate left as it mounts the curb in its first attempt to get passed.

A horn can be heard and the driver aborts, pulling back in behind the bike.

The Micra then briefly indicates right to overtake but, with oncoming traffic, decides to indicate left instead, mounting the pavement once more to complete the dangerous manoeuvre.

Mr Binks said: “She’s committing a number of driving offences: using a mobile while driving; undertaking, driving on the pavement.

“At the very least it was careless driving if not dangerous driving.

“I certainly expect police to speak to her. This sort of behaviour is extremely dangerous not only for myself but what if there were pedestrians on the pavement?

“I consider this driver exceptionally dangerous. If I get the slightest knock or hit I will come off my motorcycle.

“I can’t afford to be involved in any collisions. I’m especially vulnerable as a motorcyclist.”

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