Video: Expert diesel system repairs that are profitable for business

Feather Diesel offer specialist advice, diagnostics and repairs for independent garages

Video: Expert diesel system repairs that are profitable for business
Watch our latest GWTV coverage to find out more about Feather Diesel Services.

Diesel fuel injection specialists, Feather Diesel Services repair and recondition diesel pumps and injectors for cars and commercial vehicles.

Formed in 1954, the West-Yorkshire based diesel specialist is renowned for its supply, maintenance and repairs for diesel fuel injection systems.

Equipped with a sophisticated combination of technology, tools, equipment and knowledge, Feather Diesel Services offer a professional service that will add value to any garage business.

With it’s collection and delivery service, garages can quickly send problem pumps and injectors to the Feather Diesel workshop for expert examination and repairs.

On arrival, your pump and/or injector will be assessed and you’ll receive a report advising on the best course of action.

Marketing Director, Jeff Morley explained: “Each job is assigned to one technician, they will carry out a physical examination and test the unit as appropriate.

“We’ll then send the garage a technical report and a cost of repair.”

Once examined, Feather Diesel customers can either choose to have their original unit repaired, taking two to three days, or replaced with a stocked reconditioned unit.

This article first featured in Garage Wire Views, read the latest issue here or click ‘More Details’ below to read the entire article.

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