Video: how to fit NTN-SNR gen 2.1 wheel bearing

Fitment covers VW Audi, Skoda and Seat Gen 2.1 front wheel bearing

Video: how to fit NTN-SNR gen 2.1 wheel bearing
NTN-SNR has published a new wheel bearing fitment video.

NTN-SNR has recently published a new fitment video showing the dismounting/mounting process of the generation 2.1 wheel bearing.

Kits: R157.32/R154.52/R152.62/R170.41/R157.49/­R178.05/R165.37

Applications: A1 /S1/A2 (AU24)/ C-Max (CB3) / Focus II / Focus II FL / Focus C-Max/ Focus Coupé / Mazda 3 / Cordoba IV/Ibiza III/ Ibiza IV/ Toledo IV/ Fabia (6Y) / Fabia Facelift / Fabia II (5J) / Fabia II Facelift / Fabia III / Rapid / Roomster / Roomster Facelift / Fox / Lupo / Polo VII (9N) / Polo VIII (9N) / Polo IX / Polo IX FL / Touareg I / Touareg I FL / Transporter (7E/7F) / Transporter (7J/7H) / C30 / C70 CC / S40 II / V50.

For further information about NTN-SNR, select ‘more details’ below.

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