VW admits problem with 1.5 TSI Evo cars but is yet to resolve juddering

Owners continue to report problems and slam the way in which dealerships are handling the fault

VW admits problem with 1.5 TSI Evo cars but is yet to resolve juddering

A significant number of owners of Volkswagen Group cars fitted with the firm’s 1.5-litre TSI Evo engine have been experiencing serious juddering issues, Auto Express has reported.

VW has been aware of the problem for seven months but a fix has yet to be developed.

The fault affects mainstream VW Group cars.

It was initially understood that the problem only appeared in manual cars with the 1.5-litre TSI petrol engine, but owners of cars with a dual-clutch automatic gearbox are also reporting problems.

Owners report a juddering action, which is most noticeable in lower gears when motors are cold.

One Auto Express reader said the ‘kangarooing’ in his car is so pronounced that it moves him in his seat, while another reported their car can stall at junctions and roundabouts unless they drop the clutch and get the engine revving again.

Dealership inconsistencies

While all the issues relate to the same engine, dealers have responded inconsistently.

Some have allowed owners to reject their cars, others have not.

Software patches have been applied to some vehicles, while a number of owners have been told no such patch exists.

In some cases retailers have informed customers the issue is a “characteristic” of the car, while others have been more open about the significance of the problem.

In December VW Group said it was “aware of reports from customers complaining that some vehicles featuring the 1.5-litre TSI Evo engine with manual gearbox can be slightly hesitant in the cold-running phase”.

The firm insisted that it was a rare issue and promised owners it was developing a solution – but is yet to deliver.

VW considers the number of cars affected is “small”, and says it is “working with the UK authorities to provide solutions”. The firm added affected owners should discuss their issues with dealers.

Volkswagen replaced its 1.4-litre engine with the 1.5-litre TSI Evo in March 2017 with the Golf, and has now made the engine available with a number of other models, including the SEAT Ateca, Skoda Karoq and Audi A3.

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    A significant number of owners of Volkswagen Group cars fitted with the firm’s 1.5-litre TSI Evo engine have been experiencing serious juddering issue
    [See the full post at: VW admits problem with 1.5 TSI Evo cars but is yet to resolve juddering]

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    had mine in to seat for update no joy back agian in october for them to look at this is so bad to drive mine is a 19 plate 2 month old

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    Don’t touch VAG cars. Their customer service and their dealerships don’t care one jot. Please leave them alone! We’ve lost nearly three grand on Karoq that we had no option but to trade it in! Dealer refused our rejection. That dealer and Skoda are really bad. The sales manager lies straight into your face. Save your sanity and your money and vote with your feet!

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    James Wilson

    I bought a Skoda Octavia 1.5 TSI SEL in June 2019 and reported the kangarooing within days of driving the car out of the dealership. I have had the vehicle back 4 times for so called ‘fix’ but still no solution to the problem. I have been in constant touch with Skoda Head Office and have just received a call from them stating that they are unable to fix the vehicle and that it is just a characteristic of the engine…
    Can someone tell me when does a fault become a characteristic? Is it when they cannot fix the fault?
    Avoid buying a Skoda with this engine like you would avoid the plague.

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    Bought my partner a new t-roc in Novemeber 2018. It is an auto and has had this issue from day one. Been back to dealer 4 times for investigation and upgrades. Problem not fixed. I have been advised by VW customer services (executive dept) that there are no more upgrades available and as far as they are concerned the car is working within spec. Must say my dealership ( Heritage- Weston Super Mare)have been brilliant. Very understanding and supportive.
    This was the 9th new car from VW in a row and it will be the last. Toyota here we come

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    Absolutely garbage. Bought the VW Golf 1.5 EVO and it was juddering from day one. Knew my rights of 30 days refund and got it on the 30th day. There has been no apology or compensation from the company or the dealer.

    Makes a mockery of VW completely

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    Derek Cowell

    I’ve just bought a new t roc r line 1.5 TSI manual ,I experienced the jerky nature of first gear especially when cold .There is a definite flat spot too when driving.They say it is fixed to within limits so no fault and is a characteristic of the car . So it’s not fixed!!

    Has anyone successfully rejected a new car for this ,I’d love to know the process as vw are washing their hands of me

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    I bought a new Golf 1.5 EVO, (150PS manual) in late 2019, taking the chance after reading that around 20% of these engines are affected with this hesitation/juddering issue.
    Transpired that mine was one that had this problem to a mild degree when the engine was cold. The supplying dealer didn’t argue about it and had the car in within 5 weeks for around 4 hours work applying an upgrade fix/patch remap. I had supplied them with the latest Service Bulletin code covering this issue, (obtained from a SEAT forum) but the dealer would not confirm if it was this or another version ‘fix’ they installed.
    Anyway, the upside in my case was the car just ran better overall, feeling more lively/less flat than before, with the hesitation issue cured when the engine cold – but weirdly sometimes it now, (very rarely TBH) plays-up on hot days, but only during the first 20 seconds or so of running.
    Overall I’m happy with my ‘95%’ fix, but I understand not everyone’s upgrade/fix has worked so effectively.

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    Jeff Greenfield

    I’m at a total loss with what to do. I have a Lex Autolease car since sept20 (36 month lease). I have all the issues described above. The problem is that they were evident in the vehicle (witnessed by my wife, and 3 others) and are still evident now. Since the problem commenced, I accidentally misfueled the car with c£30 of diesel and drove the car (not knowing it was misfueled). How the nozzle even fit in the petrol tank is a mystery too…
    the car broke down, was recovered to vw where they diagnosed it as a misfuel. They quoted over £650 to drain and clean whereas independent fuel fix companies were £230. I went with one of those and they drained the tank, cleansed it and refuelled. The car started and ran EXACTLY as it was before, with the same hesitancy issues.
    Took the car back home and did the usual school runs and football drop off with the kids. The problems still persisted.
    Engine mmt light came on, so took car to vw. They believe the misfuel has caused ALL the issues and that the misfuel has potentially caused damage to the piston rings. Pressure test revealed low pressure readings in 3 of the 4 cylinders.
    They want £4K to strip and investigate and potentially c£2k for parts. This seems nonsense and they aren’t doing this as warranty as they believe it that the misfuel has invalidated everything.
    An independent engineer has looked at the car (appointed by lex at my request) and advised he doesn’t think the misfuel could have caused the damage suggested by vw. He also thinks that the car would run very badly with the damage claimed by vw when in fact the car runs well (when wakes up).
    Can anyone suggest help in any way. I’m at a total loss what to do. I have the financial ombudsman involved as I believe I’m not being treated fairly and being bullied into using vw to fix something that was evident before I accidentally misfueled.

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