WD-40 launch limited edition ‘Rally Fan Can’

Can commemorates its first year in the sport, finishing third overall in the British Championship.

WD-40 launch limited edition ‘Rally Fan Can’
The Sun ran a competition to find a mechanic who would to join the support team at the WRC event this month.

The release of the special WD-40 ‘Smart Straw can’, which will be available through all good stockists whilst stocks last, coincides with their inaugural participation of the World Championship event later this month, Wales Rally GB.

Driving the car in the WRC event is none other the Sun’s Motoring Editor Rob Gill.

Earlier this year WD-40 Company and the Sun ran a competition to find a mechanic who would then join the support team at this event with all access passes.

WD 40They also won a year’s supply of WD-40 Company products and a cash prize.

Over the last few months the winner has been spending time with the team preparing for their role at this gruelling event before they take to the world stage on the 12th to the 15th of November.

Find out more from WD-40 by following the ‘More Details’ link below.


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