Wheel balancers that do not require any manual operation released

Device distributed by REMA TIP TOP is fully contactless and has a touchscreen interface

Wheel balancers that do not require any manual operation released
New CORGHI wheel balancer does not require any manual control and is available exclusively through REMA TIP TOP.

Automotive equipment manufacturer, CORGHI has assembled a completely contactless range of wheel balancers for garage work where no manual technician input is needed.

Existing industry wheel balancers including the CORGHI EM9550C, 9580C, 9780C, 9980C and EYELIGHT have all undertaken design upgrades, with the new PLUS classification distinguishing new features and benefits.

Exclusive availability

These latest machines are available exclusively through NTDA award winners REMA TIP TOP.

The latest release from CORGHI is the new ‘CORGHI EM9780C Plus Automatic Line’.

This professional wheel balancer is equipped with touchscreen and contactless technology.

Positioned between the top of the range models and standard CORGHI machines, the EM9780C offers the optimum balance of functionality and performance, CORGHI said.

The EM9780C balancer is fully automatic, fast and works without ever touching the wheel.

No physical technician input

No manual operations are required by the operator.

Reduced spin and diagnostic times ensure the EM9780C delivers quicker job completion times compared to previous models.

REMA TIP TOP has recommended the EM9780C for tyre centres, car dealers and car manufacturers dealing with large volumes.

At the top of the range, the CORGHI EM9980C Plus features a high specification which is perfectly suited to large tyre depots undertaking a constant stream of work, CORGHI claimed.

Increased profitability

CORGHI has asserted the new PLUS features include ‘Fully Automatic’ operation, which guarantees high productivity and high profitability.

Spin and diagnostic times are also improved by 40 per cent compared to the previous generation and a hidden weight feature that is now fully automatic.

The programme automatically identfies – without contact – the number and position of the spokes in hidden weight balancing mode.

The EM9980C also features a new automatic electromechanical wheel clamping system, which cuts operating times and increases centring precision.

The machine is equipped with an industrial personal computer and is totally automatic; the operator isn’t asked to carry out any manual operations in this case too.

In addition to the four centring cones, Eyelight Plus is equipped standard with the “High Precision Collets” kit for optimal wheel centring.

The kit includes eight double-faced low conicity collets made with high mechanical resistance steel.

The new cabinet now includes side housings for the kits to help maintain safe working conditions.

Find out more about REMA TIP TOP’s range of garage equipment by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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