Eclipse ABS sensor pin point tester

The quickest, most comprehensive wheel speed sensor diagnostic tester available

Eclipse ABS sensor pin point tester

The ABS Sensor Pinpoint Tester is the quickest way to verify proper wheel speed sensor operation from the service bay, no road test required.

When used with a diagnostic tool that provides wheel speed sensor data, the signal simulation feature simplifies pinpointing wire harness and ECU problems.


This tester is currently on offer from Eclipse for just £180.00 inc VAT.

13Key features:
  • Lightweight, fast accurate and simple to use.
  • Works on anything with a wheel sensor.
  • Completes a test in 15 seconds, per sensor.
  • Reduces down-time for sensor-related problems by up to 80 per cent
  • Test for the six main causes of EBS/ABS faults
  • Covers 90 per cent of applications.
  • Powered by a single nine volt battery (supplied).
  • Comes complete with all necessary leads.
ABS_Pinpoint_WheelturnHow it works:
  • Simply connect the tester to the sensor and spin the wheel
  • LEDs provide visual confirmation of signal output
  • The signal error LED indicates erratic or intermittent signal output

For more information, contact Eclipse on 03454 666699 or click ‘More Details’ below.

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  1. Hello I would like to buy this one tester.


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