Great savings in the Hickleys 'testing times' promotion

A range of professional electrical test equipment

Great savings in the Hickleys 'testing times' promotion

Power Probe Hook is a fast and efficient electrical testing tool that automatically switches to the appropriate tool.

  • When the Hook senses resistance, it displays ohms
  • When the Hook senses voltage it displays volts
  • Can apply up to 99 amps of current by pressing the power switch

Normally £395.00, the hook is currently available for just £295.00 + VAT.

H1ABS Sensor Pinpoint Tester

The quickest way to verify proper wheel speed sensor operation from the service bay.

  • LEDs provide visual confirmation of signal output.
  • Signal error LED indicates erratic or intermittent signal output.

When used with a scan tool that provides wheel speed sensor data, the signal simulation feature simplifies pinpointing wire harness and ECU problems.

Normally £229.00, this tool is currently available for just £179.00 + VAT.


H2PWM Power Pro

The only tester that can adjust the output percentage from 0% –100% to effectively pinpoint the cause of the failure.

Normally £229.00, this tool is currently available for just £199.00 + VAT.


H3The HIC004-2 Scan Add-On Tool

Not only acts as a Protocol Detector & Break Out Box to DLC (Diagnostic Link Connector), it also has a voltage monitoring feature with Volts display, which will give an alarm warning when the voltage falls below 12.0Volts or higher than 15.2Volts.

Normally £124.95, this box is currently available for just £79.00 + VAT.


HIC001 Auto Test Aid

Turns your testing and measuring devices into a powerful automotive diagnostic tool for fault finding the increasing number of sensors, actuators and electronic circuits found on today’s vehicles.

  • Contains 96 pieces
  • EVA lightweight carry case (1.74kg)
  • For tracing, checking, capturing or fixing complex vehicle circuitry.

Normally £124.95, this set is currently available for just £99.95 + VAT.

To find out more information about the above products click ‘More Details’ below or call 01823 328 531 for further information, demonstrations and sales.

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