Jaltest Eclipse Testpad Extreme package

This touch screen operated tablet is water and dust resistant and has a battery life of ten hours

Jaltest Eclipse Testpad Extreme package

Eclipse Jaltest Truck Package is a multi-brand diagnostic solution for trucks, bus/coaches, trailers and light commercial vehicles.

Using the powerful Jaltest software, numerous systems can be accessed on the vehicle and fault descriptions displayed on screen in text.

Eclipse Testpad Extreme is a rugged 10.1” handheld PC tablet which links to the Jaltest multiplexer unit which in turn connects to the vehicle using one of the vehicle connecting cables provided in the package.

  • Reading and deleting of error codes saved in the vehicle ECU.
  • Displaying and graphing of live vehicle data.
  • Adjustment of vehicle settings.
  • Activate devices and components.
  • Programming of ECU’s on many systems.
  • Detailed interactive wiring diagrams.
Key features and specifications
  • Eclipse Testpad Extreme, handheld workshop tablet PC.
  • Jaltest Link multiplexer with Bluetooth 4 (up to 100m).
  • European truck and trailer cable kit.
  • Jaltest Soft diagnostic multi brand software.
  • On-site handover training.
  • Eclipse Remote Assist.
  • 12 months Eclipse technical support (vehicle & IT).
  • 12 months software updates.

To view full specifications, click ‘more details’ below or book your on-site demonstration by calling 03454 666 699.

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