Learn and win with Nissens

Prizes include testo smart probes AC and refrigeration test kit and 905i Bluetooth air thermometer smart probe

Learn and win with Nissens

Win one of three smart wireless service tools for effective AC system troubleshooting, worth between £60 and £235.

The Nissens Training Concept (NTC) is an online platform to provide those in the independent aftermarket with access to a wealth of technical knowledge relating to replacement components and systems, such as air conditioning (AC).

With this resource, technicians will find practical information, installation advice and important facts relevant to their day-to-day business.

Prize draw

The learning module ends with a short summary test that checks whether the user has acquired the most important information.

Correct answers, with a specified minimum score, allow the course attendee to download and print an official Nissens training certificate.

The first 30 technicians to gain their certificate by applying through this Garage Wire reader link will be entered into a draw for a chance of winning one of three winners of the wireless AC service tools from testo.

The first prize is a testo Smart Probes AC and refrigeration test kit, with gauges and clamps, worth £235 + VAT. The two runners-up will each receive a testo 905i Bluetooth air thermometer smart probe, each worth £60 + VAT.

The NTC offers technicians various ways to acquire this knowledge, including via self-learning modules, which are courses on specific topics relating to a given car system or component, that combine important information such as technical data and installation advice, with excellent graphics, photos and videos and, with the help of a background speaker, to effectively convey their content.

Regardless of their place and field of work, the technical knowledge offered by NTC courses can be very useful to technicians, even if they are already an expert in a given field with many years of experience, as the issues presented provide them with a valuable addition to their overall skillset.

All NTC material, including training modules and webinars, is operated via a web browser, so navigating through the course content is very intuitive and involves using just a few simple buttons.

The training can be started at any time and place, and from any type of device, including a smartphone, although for the best user experience, it is recommended to use a tablet or computer.

Technicians will need to register once as a user to get started, entering both their and the company’s name, as this with be stated in the same form on the certificates, which will be issued on competition of the modules.

After the first login and accepting the site’s privacy policies, as is required by law, they will see the user panel.

Depending on the level of access granted, the main categories will display the contents available, such as training modules or planned webinars.

Example module: AC compressor, installation and diagnostics, level 3 expert

Being a detailed instruction on how to properly replace the AC compressor, this is one of the most important modules in the field of automotive AC training, intended for advanced users who professionally deal with the system’s service and maintenance.

The course begins with a thorough diagnosis of the entire system, which enables the operator to determine and eliminate potential causes of the originally installed compressor’s failure.

Such an approach helps to understand the importance of the system dependencies, and the potential impact of other systems that may affect the AC system and the compressor’s operation.

Good examples are the impact of faults within the vehicle’s electrical system or improper use of consumables, such as UV dye or flushing agents. The module consists of seven steps and lasts approximately 30 minutes.

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    Win one of three smart wireless service tools for effective AC system troubleshooting, worth between £60 and £235. The Nissens Training Concept (NTC)
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