Video: Pneumatic coil spring compressor from Laser Tools

Quick and safe compression on a wide range of spring configurations and coil diameters

Video: Pneumatic coil spring compressor from Laser Tools

Suitable for the professional vehicle workshop, safety and ease of use are the big features of this new pneumatic coil spring compressor from Laser Tools (part no 6050).

Conveniently operated with foot controls, when the guard is up the pressure is limited which enables the spring to be positioned correctly to allow fitting of the spring securing hooks.

Then drop the guard and full air pressure is delivered to the pneumatic ram which lets the spring be quickly and easily compressed.

A major feature is the ability to fit springs where the coils turn in the opposite direction — the Nissan Qashqai for example — as it makes no difference which way the coils are wound, the securing hooks are easily adjusted and positioned where required.

Available now, typically priced at £1299.90 + VAT, but remember to check for the latest prices and special offers.

Laser2Key features and benefits:
  • Suitable for spring sizes 80mm< 310mm maximum
  • Fitted safety cage with safety valve – restricts use when in open position
  • Suitable for both left and right hand wound springs
  • Floor mounted Macpherson Strut and coil over spring compressor
  • Adjustable spring clamps can be used directly on the spring or on top and bottom mounts

Click ‘More Details’ below to find out more or call 01926 818 196.

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