Revive Automotive introduces new 'service shot'

New product runs alongside Revive Turbo Cleaner

Revive Automotive introduces new 'service shot'

Revive Service Shot is a 300ml preventative maintenance treatment, which is recommended to be used before every oil service, to minimise soot and carbon deposit build up inside the engine and especially within the variable geometry turbocharger.

Revive Service Shot is just £24.95 + VAT from Revive Automotive Solutions

Revive, is a safe aqueous based, non caustic, non flammable fluid and when applied at velocity through the combustion process, locks onto soot and carbon deposits and removes them in tiny particles.

These particles are no larger than the soot particles the engine naturally generates, making it safe to use on vehicles fitted with catalytic converters and DPFs.

Click ‘more details’ below to find out more about Revive engine cleaner and power restorer.

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