Bosch highlights engine cooling system range

"A reliable partner" for independent garages, reports Bosch Automotive

Bosch highlights engine cooling system range

Bosch is this month promoting itself as “a reliable partner” for anything related to engine cooling systems.

Bosch supplies drives and solutions that adapt the performance of the cooling system to the corresponding cooling requirement of the combustion engine, ensuring optimum engine and interior temperature in a large number of vehicles.

Bosch offers an extensive range of engine-cooling fans – from individual components up to complete modules.

Bosch auxiliary water pumps considerably increase climate comfort and improve the coolant flow, assisting the heating circuit and enabling the utilization of residual heat when the combustion engine is switched off.

Bosch auxiliary water pumps are low-noise, very durable, and reliably free from leaks – throughout their service life.

A Bosch spokesperson said: “Profound knowledge of the complete vehicle thermal system and decades of experience in development and production make Bosch a reliable partner for anything related to engine cooling systems.

“The engine cooling modules, fans and shrouds offered to workshops are subject to tough functional and quality checks.”

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