Doctor Charge 50 battery support unit from Butts of Bawtry

Pulse tronic technology guarantees optimal battery charging

Doctor Charge 50 battery support unit from Butts of Bawtry

Butts of Bawtry is promoting a saving on the Doctor Charge 50 battery manager 230V 6V/12V/24V.

Featuring electronic battery manager for total maintenance of WET, GEL, AGM, MF, sprial, start-stop batteries at 6/12/24V and for support activities when intervening on vehicles in workshops, repair shops and car dealer premises.

The innovative power stream technology guarantees better performance, up to 50 per cent more than traditional battery chargers.

Normally £345 + VAT, the Doctor Charge 50 battery support unit from Butts of Bawtry is now available at £299 + VAT.

Doctor Charge 50 functions:

  • Automatic charge and maintenance of batteries with pulse tronic technology.
  • Battery tests such as voltage at terminals, starting capacity (CCA) and operational check of the vehicle alternator.
  • Recovery of sulphated or very discharged batteries, and recovery of optimal operation with periodic regeneration.
  • Stable power supply source to protect the on-board electronics for diagnostic activities and for keeping the batteries of display vehicles in showrooms operational.
  • Vehicle start aid.


  • Singlephase mains voltage: 230 – 1 ph V 50/60Hz
  • Charging absorbed power: 600 W
  • Charging voltage: 6/12/24 V
  • Effective charging current: 45/45/23 A
  • Rated charge curr: EN60335-2-29 40/40/20 A
  • Start current: 1V/C EN60335-2-29 70 A
  • Minimum rated refference capacity: 10 – 600 Ah

For further information call 01302 710868, email [email protected] or click ‘more details’ below.

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