Review two Philips workshop lamps for GW Views

Try the Philips penlight premium color+ and Xperion 6000 UV pillar in your workshop and tell us what you think

Review two Philips workshop lamps for GW Views

GW readers are being offered the opportunity to test, review and keep two premium Philips workshop lamps.

For a chance to test and review and keep the Philips lamps detailed below, email [email protected] along with your name, business name and website.

Philips Penlight Premium Color+

Equipped with a robust aluminium housing, the Philips Penlight Premium Colour+ provides bright, high-quality light designed to show objects in their true colours.

The Penlight offers the Color+ function in two useful modes for different light-intensity needs. ‘Boost’ produces 200 lumens of brilliant white light for detailed work.

‘Eco’ mode’s 120-lumen output illuminates brightly, while maximizing battery life.

Both feature a beam angle of up to 70°.

Additionally, a powerful Spotlight of 180 lumens gives close-up visibility in a specific area, focusing its intense beam on the target.

Philips Xperion 6000 UV Pillar

The Philips Xperion 6000 UV Pillar is a multi-purpose work light with several powerful light sources.

It has a premium LED movable main light, with three different outputs ranging from 100-500 lumen(lm) and a wide 100° beam angle; a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) light and a unique UV light which allows leak detection.

The 6000 UV Pillar has a long-lasting battery and allows the user to locate it with the “Find My Device” function, which comes as standard.

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