EXPEL compressed air filter at REMA TIP TOP

Preserves workshop tools and equipment by eliminating condensate pervasive in compressed air systems

EXPEL compressed air filter at REMA TIP TOP
EXPEL 30 – Revolutionary point of use liquid water, oil and particulate compressed air filter from REMA TIP TOP UK.

Available from REMA TIP TOP, EXPEL is a unique patented compressed air filtration device which removes 99.9999 per cent of liquid, oil, water and other contaminants down to one micron when installed at point of use.

A REMA TIP TOP spokesperson said: “Excessive condensate in compressed air systems present one of the greatest hazards to operational efficiency and longevity of tools and machinery.

“For many years human tolerance, frustration and resigned acceptance preceded pioneering filtration and drying solutions.

“Conventional filters often remove water using the cyclonic method rather than the patented multi directional vanes and clarification chambers inside the EXPEL.

“These vanes and chambers force the coalescence of all water into tiny droplets which are then removed by the filter allowing a 99.9999 per cent removal rate of the water, and emulsion fluids (oil and water mix).

“As part of this initial phase EXPEL removes 96 per cent of all contamination while during the second stage the internal Unitary Vertical Body polishes the compressed air still further thus removing the final four per cent before exiting the filter air outlet.

“Most common conventional compressed air water separators achieve less than 92 per cent efficiency.”

The EXPEL compressed air filter is available from REMA TIP TOP for £225 + VAT.

Key features

  • Tested to ISO 12500 – part 3 & 4 standard.
  • Worlds first cleanable, reusable compressed air filter.
  • No increase in pressure drop caused by contaminated filters.
  • No power source required.
  • Significantly reduced life cycle costs.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Instantaneous recovery from pulsed flows or stop start.
  • All spare parts available.
  • Fully dismantlable.
  • No decrease in performance over lifetime of well maintained filter.

For further information call 0113 2770044 or select ‘more details’ below to find out more about REMA TIP TOP.

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