Mobile tyre fitting solutions from REMA TIP TOP

Market leader can supply and install tyre changing and wheel balancing equipment on vehicles, using world leading CORGHI equipment

Mobile tyre fitting solutions from REMA TIP TOP
REMA TIP TOP can equip mobile service vehicles

REMA TIP TOP can supply and install tyre changing and wheel balancing equipment on your mobile service vehicle, and are the only company that can offer CORGHI equipment in Great Britain.

REMA TIP TOP have packages to combine quality, ergonomics, performance and value. What’s more they’re tried and tested on the some of the UK’s leading mobile fast fit vehicle fleets combined, backed up with two year’s warranty on parts and labour.

The Corghi A9824 12V tyre changer with SX1 bead pressing tool and EM43 12V Tilt balancer will be available at £5,238 +VAT until December 2015. This outstanding package provides space saving technology ideal for restricted environments and performance that is undaunted by the heaviest workloads.

The Corghi A9824 will accommodate wheels up to a 24 inch rim size and with precision mounting and demounting there is never any contact with the rim during operation. Used in conjunction with the pneumatic bead pressing tool one person can operate even on the most difficult tyre and wheel assemblies including RUN FLAT and PAX tyres.

The EM43 Tilt compliments the A9824 tyre changer when on the road or when working with the tyre changer. The wheel mount can be stored in a vertical position with the pneumatically operated TILT-UP function. The HIDDEN WEIGHT function keeps wheels looking great by dividing the external side balancing adhesive weight into two equivalent weights applied in hidden locations behind the spokes. Built in OPT FLASH Minimises road noise by letting the operator adjust the position of the tyre on the wheel for optimised noise reduction.

For more information  on the Corghi range of capital equipment please contact Bruce Somerville on 07860 449436 or 0113 2770044.

You can read more about these mobile solutions now using the ‘More Details’ button below.

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