New equipment and savings featured in SIP 2020 winter promotion

Limited-time deals available until 31 March

New equipment and savings featured in SIP 2020 winter promotion

SIP Industrial Products has released its latest national brochure, the SIP winter 2020 promotion, which is valid until 31 March 2020.

It covers the whole SIP range, from welding and metalwork, lifting and automotive, air compressors and air tools, through to heating, power, and water solutions, and is their biggest ever at over 112+ jam-packed pages.

The promotion sees some brand new products added to the expansive SIP range, including the SIP 10” and 12” Wood Bandsaws, both of which offer large workspaces, powerful motors, NVR switches, and superbly versatile cutting capacities.

Spills and leaks

The brand new spill and leak containment collection from SIP features four distinct sizes with varying absorbency levels to cater for a range of different plant machinery, vehicles and other applications, ranging from small to extra-large.

This covers absorbency for anything between four and 32 litres.

Each spill kit containment kit includes a heavy-duty plastic tray with an accompanying unique laminated oil-absorbent mat, designed to trap oil and fuel leaks whilst simultaneously letting rainwater and more run away naturally, improving overall catchment and reducing any environmental impact.

And finally, SIP has added a brand new oil drainer and extractor to the range, offering a huge 70 litre capacity steel-built tank, ten litre collection tray, and an adjustable height range between 1040mm to 1500mm.

Boosters, starters and chargers

The SIP booster, starter and charger range retains a prime spot in the SIP Winter 2020 Promotion, including a number of rugged batteryless capacitor boosters, which include ON/OFF safety switches, and fully automatic charging – plus a number of Chargestar and Startmaster models suitable from the most basic of tasks through to more demanding applications.

Across the range, SIP caters for a number of battery types, including AGM, GEL, calcium, lead acid, wet cell, VRLA, and more.

Get your SIP winter 2020 promotion brochure by calling SIP on 01509 500500.

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