Savings on battery charging equipment from SIP

Professional booster, Chargestar Smart 8 battery charger and 10W CREE LED rechargeable spotlight package deal

Savings on battery charging equipment from SIP

To coincide with the release of its latest promotion, SIP Industrial Products has compiled a selection of package deals, which bring together a number of flagship SIP products that work together best, and offer savings in comparison to buying separately.

One of these package deals – code 07192WS19 – is ideal for automotive garages and workshops of all levels, from home and light trade, to professional and commercial applications, and consists of an SIP 5024 Professional Booster, SIP Chargestar Smart 8 Battery Charger, and an SIP 10W CREE LED Rechargeable Spotlight.

When ordered together directly from SIP or any of its authorised dealers, garages can save over £70.

The SIP 5024 professional booster is a powerful Swiss-made battery booster and charger with dual charge voltage functions, and is designed for prolonged heavy-duty use in all environments, but is particularly effective in automotive garages and workshops.

It comes built with voltage spike and reverse polarity protection, meaning that it can function properly with less risk even with the most demanding of applications, and heavy-duty charge leads and crocodile clips increase the service life of the 5024 even further.

A 12v DC output, digital display with charge rate indication, and mains fast charger complement its rugged housing for a reliable unit all round.

A smaller Chargestar Smart 8 Battery Charger is also included in this deal, which includes a nine-stage automatic charging system suitable for lead acid, gel, AGM, and wet cell batteries, with fully automatic sensing of any 12v varieties.

The SIP 10W CREE LED spotlight, a fully rechargeable torch with a built-in lithium-Ion battery, and multiple brightness levels, with up a high beam of 850 Lumens, and adjusting the settings can give up to eight hours of continuous use.

Fully complemented with a USB charging outlet, mains charging, and 12v DC in-car charging accessories.

This package deal is available for £559.99 + VAT by quoting 07192WS19.

For further information call 01509 500500 or select ‘more details’ below to view the latest SIP promotion.

Valid : Valid until 31st May 2019

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